My name is Danielle Slaughter, formerly Danielle Ward. I am a graphic and web designer living in St. Louis, Missouri. My design philosophy, borrowed from Thoreau, is “simplify, simplify.” I enjoy creating clean, modern design for print and the web, including everything from logos to complete branding overhauls. White space is my best friend. I love developing creative strategies with colleagues and clients to create innovative concepts that produce real results.


I’m fluent in three languages: Designerese, Copywriterian, and Clientish. I think successful communication is essential to a great design, so I work hard to communicate well.
I learn something new every day. Whether it’s reading design blogs or taking a class on letterpress, I seek out educational opportunities wherever I can.
I can juggle. Well, more accurately, I can juggle a lot of projects at once. Multitasking comes in handier than throwing three oranges in the air at once.
I choose to laugh instead of cry when things get rough. When I get one of those projects that has a last-minute update or a client’s asking me to use Comic Sans, I don’t get (too) frustrated. I forge ahead and try not to take myself too seriously.
I’m handy with Macs, hammers, glue guns, and mixers, too. Just not all at once. I love exercising my creativity through crafting, making jewelry, baking, and taking photos on Instagram.
I’d love to work with you. Really! 

Photo taken by Misfit Hue Photography